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I'm Lani.


I love what I do.

My clients call me for branding, copy writing, social media management, web design, video production, and ad campaigns. 

I find the words that help your clients find you.

For all things Media & Marketing, get read with red.

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My Story

It started as a child. If you knew me back then you may have seen me with a pencil way too often. I wrote. I wrote some more. And I never stopped writing. But that's not all. I would draw. I would sketch. I would create. I turned words into worlds.


I designed dresses, decorated homes, got a degree in English, and  never stopped finding a place for my creativity. 

If you grew up in my family, you were destined to become a lawyer. So I did. While a student I wrote and published an article in the law journal. But practicing law proved a lot less creative and a lot more cautious. I needed to take chances. So I did.


My career path shifted (almost) by accident. After working on some legal contracts, I offered my client suggestions to punch up their branding. They liked what they read. Some web content turned into an ad campaign which ultimately turned into an in-house marketing position.   

More than fifteen years and countless clients later, I'm still passionately creating and curating content.

Hey, sometimes one good edit can change your life.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect and get creative.

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